From Battle Scars to Beauty Marks
Portraits of Women who Turned Trials to Triumph

Nothing on earth communicates the truth of God's promise to see us through unspeakable places of darkness or of His promise to sustain us through our stuttering steps through life like the testimonies of the faithful. Along her journeys, Ellie has met many remarkable women. She sought out seven “she-roes” whose stories made an indelible impact upon her heart. These women will deeply touch your heart as well.

From Battle Scars to Beauty Marks is a collection of gripping testimonies by seven faithful women. These are women whose life journeys have taken them through the valley of shadows and the trials of transformation. These overcomers have been found faithful, hopeful, and yes … even joyful. You will be moved and challenged as you learn of their seemingly impossible obstacles. Ellie provides a final chapter to help you develop your own personal battle plan and offers a healthy, daily “Be Regimen” for lovely lasting beauty marks.

“This book is a celebration of life, tenacity, hope and transformation.”
Dan Allender, Ph.D., President, Mars Hill Graduate School, Author, The Wounded Heart



Leap of Faith
Embracing the Life God Promised you

In Leap of Faith, the reader is challenged to resist a life of casual or seasonal faith, and to leap with abandon into the arms of a loving God. We are to enjoy the extraordinary life of vibrant, victorious faith. Ellie Lofaro communicates the joyful yet high and very serious stakes of being a Christian. Endorsed by Charles Colson and written in a more serious and theological tone than her first two books, Lofaro utilizes vast portions of Scripture to speak directly to the seeker who needs to know more about God’s sovereignty --and to the seasoned believer who needs to be reminded of God’s faithfulness and renewed by His complete love.

This book clearly illustrates how God can see us through every adversity with our faith, trust and deep joy intact. Learn keys to overcoming life’s difficulties, detours and disappointments. The author’s gentle and clear dividing of the Word will help readers better understand the way God works in our lives during the toughest times.

  • 12 week study guide for reflection and personal development.
  • Convenient for individual or group use (for both men and women).

“This book is filled with Biblical truth, poignant personal stories, bottom line honesty and profound take home value. Ellie shares powerful insights about surviving and thriving in a fallen world.”
Carol Kent    Speaker, Author, President of Speak Up Speaker Services

Price: 15.00


Bonding with the Blonde Women
and Other Signs of God's Love

Ellie Lofaro was torn (suddenly and painfully by her account), from her Italian roots in New York and deposited in Virginia and surrounded by (mostly) blonde women. Smart, accomplished, thin, accessorized blonde women who run the PTA, the CIA and the marathon. And those were just some of the reasons Ellie was intimidated by them. The olive-skinned and deeply brunette northerner learned not only to bond with the blonde women but to sincerely love them.

In her raw, self-deprecating, sometimes funny, sometimes serious but always poignant, edifying and inspiring essays – Ellie clearly conveys how God uses “people who don’t look like us” to teach us more about His amazing grace. You can read these stories in bite sized pieces but you’ll probably want to devour them in one sitting! As you indulge, you’ll find yourself sharing morsels with your kids, your spouse, your family and your friends—especially the blonde ones!

“Even a reserved Anglo-Saxon could not stop the belly laughs from constantly welling up while reading Bonding With The Blonde Women. My endorphins are replenished, my heart is warmed. Ellie Lofaro has given us a gift.”
Dee Brestin   Speaker, Author, Bible Teacher

Price: 15.00


Slices of Life
Unexpected Blessings from Everyday Life

Here are forty slices of one woman’s life that will fill your heart with hope and encourage you to look for the blessings God has for you each day. Each essay is a snapshot; part of a journey of discovery about self, life, love, loss and faith. Sitting with this book is like chatting on the phone with a friend who trusts you enough to tell you what she really thinks. From bumper stickers to bon bons, from turning forty to finding lice, from denominational strife to the myths of Hollywood, from being snowed in to being married —Ellie Lofaro will tell you exactly what she thinks (and what she thinks God thinks of what she thinks!)

With her trademark wit and warmth, Ellie conveys that God is precisely where we are sure He cannot be. He is in our midst; in the ordinary events of our lives. He is with us every moment in both big and small ways. Allow Him to point you toward the unexpected blessings in everyday life.

“I LOVE THIS BOOK!” It’s a combination of inspiration and encouragement with peaks of laughter. Ellie’s writing has a FRESH flavor with deep insights about marriage, kids, life, and God. Her convictions are thought provoking and her humor helps the truth sink in.
Barbara Johnson

Price: 15.00


Spaghetti for the Soul | Book

IIn Spaghetti for the Soul, Kathy Troccoli and Ellie Lofaro invite you to a fabulous feast for the spirit. Drawing upon their shared Italian roots in Brooklyn and a friendship rooted in faith, they compare life to a heaping plate of spaghetti;

“Just the thought of swirling and slurping the unruly strands brings a grin,” they write. “Spaghetti is delicious, nutritious and satisfying. It’s also sticky and uncontrollable. And isn’t that just like this journey we’re all on?”

With wit, warmhearted humor, irresistible grace and keen insights; Kathy and Ellie urge you to take a generous helping of the richly flavored abundant life that only God can give. They share how the soul-satisfying seasonings of faith, hope and love can transform your attitude, outlook and actions. The authors dish up Biblical truths with lively storytelling and ten fabulous mouthwatering family recipes. Come to the table and fully experience a renewed zest for the God who invites you to “taste and see.”

Price: 15.00