Ellie Lofaro is a respected Bible teacher, inspirational speaker and humorist. She has authored five books and her articles have been published in numerous magazines in the US and abroad.. She has addressed audiences on five continents and has also taught in both men's and women’s prisons across the globe. On three occasions, she was honored by Focus on the Family as being “The Best of the Best.” Ellie’s message is a wonderful blend of plainspoken truth, common sense practicality and disarming humor. Drawing from the context of real life, she deftly handles the Word of God and steadily directs her audiences to consider what concerns them in light of God's timeless truths. With her trademark quick wit and convincing demeanor, she pairs Biblical principles with life's deeper questions. The result? An audience who willingly joins Ellie in the journey toward better understanding and applying God's grace and truth to their lives.

Equally comfortable sharing the "Great News" alongside acclaimed teachers at national conferences, on a television broadcast, or roaming the halls during a midnight search for chocolate at a women's retreat, Ellie effuses a natural ease and engaging warmth. As her friend Patsy Clairmont once said about meeting Ellie for the first time; "she is the kind of person you immediately hope will always be your friend."

Ellie is a first generation American and the second of five children in a "very Italian" family. A native New Yorker, she speaks of being brought up "with the awareness of God, but not the experience of God." However, when she encountered a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, she realized her new identity as a "Capital C Christian;"

"...highly flawed, fully forgiven and greatly favored."

Completely convinced of God's love and His mandate to "go and tell," Ellie has committed her life to using her time and talent to inspire others with His goodness and grace.

"After all, when you fall in love, you tell people. When you get married, you tell people. When you have a baby, you tell people. And when you find out there's a way to live a life of purpose now and to live in Paradise forever and ever... well, you just don't keep that kind of thing to yourself." - Leap of Faith

In “the old days,” Ellie wore the hats of a Christian radio talk show host, a youth group leader, a public high school English teacher, a Women’s Ministry Coordinator and a Paraprofessional Counselor. Ellie is privileged to serve churches, ministries, NGOs, corporations and the US Military. She continues to be blessed with a broad array of opportunities to communicate her passion for Jesus Christ. A serious student of Scripture and a keen observer of the culture, Ellie has developed a unique teaching style that touches the heart, stimulates the mind, and nourishes the soul — thus inspiring her to found Heart Mind & Soul Ministries.

Heart Mind & Soul Ministries involves international speaking engagements across five continents, sharing God’s love in both US and foreign prisons, writing, appearing on radio and television and delivering keynote presentations for large ministries. For 15 years, Ellie taught a local, weekly interdenominational Bible Study that directly impacted over 1000 women.

Ellie is the author of five books; Leap of Faith, endorsed by Chuck Colson, encourages us to embrace the life God promises. From Battle Scars to Beauty Marks conveys powerful portraits of women who turned trials to triumph. Spaghetti for the Soul, A Celebration of the Abundant Life, examines Biblical truth about faith, hope, and love for the modern woman. Slices of Life and Bonding with the Blonde Women are collections of both serious and humorous, but always provocative essays. She has also written for Today's Christian Woman, Women of Faith's Connection Magazine, and has contributed to compilations from seven publishing houses. Ellie has been featured on Focus on the Family, Life Today, CBN, 100 Huntley Street, The Harvest Show as well as the Moody, Salem, Bott and Le Sea Radio Broadcast Networks.

Ellie and her husband Frank, former President and CEO of both Prison Fellowship International and the Christian Leadership Alliance, reside near the nation's capital.

They have three grown, very likable children:
Paris — named for the City of Light,
Jordan — named for the River of Life,
Capri — named for the Isle of Love.

In 2016, Paris married James Foster and Jordan married Priscilla Matos.

Ellie enjoys travel, any large mass of water, photography, good food and being around a dinner table for a very long time. She does not enjoy cooking or cleaning or dieting.