Compact Discs - Each box set contains 3 discs
The Faithfulness of God

Are You Enjoying Your Rightful Inheritance?

Come and be encouraged as we explore the Lord’s promises and learn ways to overcome obstacles, hurdles and other difficulties in our path. Learn about being an overcomer rather than being overcome, being victorious instead of a victim, and being faithful versus fearful. Discover the keys to:

  • Believing His Promises (Genesis 12)
  • Being an Overcomer (Joshua 3)
  • Building a Godly Legacy (Joshua 4)
    Prepare to face and cross your river of impossibility!


Growing in God's Garden

Are you Growing in the light of the Son? 

In these troubled times, we are tempted to ask, “What’s it all about?” We are called to grow up and go deep. You will be inspired as you learn about:

  • ROOTS Be firmly ROOTED in your faith. (Colossians 2)
  • SHOOTS Build upon your strong and healthy SHOOTS.
    (John 15)
  • FRUITS Bear and share sweet FRUIT of the Holy Spirit . (Galatians 5)
    Come and grow with us!
Price: 15.00