Ellie Lofaro is the only conference speaker I have ever invited two years in a row.  Because she created such a safe place, I knew our women would invite friends the following year, and they did!  Ellie has a unique way of combining Biblical truth with humor. Her genuine warmth and huge capacity for people make her the kind of speaker I highly recommend.
Jane Daniel    McLean Bible Church VA

Ellie was a personable and powerful part of our Women’s Breakaway!  She shares a fabulous combination of humor and insight, light-heartedness and depth, entertainment and challenge.
Laurie A. McIntyre    Elmbrook Church WI

We are still reveling in all God did through His servant Ellie Lofaro. I am so grateful for her and the incredible growth she offered to our women!
Cynthia Fantasia    Grace Chapel MA

I was refreshed, encouraged and challenged by Ellie Lofaro.  Her sensitivity, compassion and the depth of her knowledge is evident to all.  Her love for God and His Word is inspiring. She reached the women in such a powerful way.
Bonnie Ross    Silver Trumpets, New England 

God has truly blessed Ellie with a gift of sharing with others in a poignant and powerful way. She is a rare gift to women’s ministry.
Krista Obbitts    The Falls Church VA

PRAISE for a wonderful Women's Retreat. It was "THE BEST” and there was fullness of joy from start to finish. Ellie Lofaro was excellent—articulate, real, approachable and loved by all.
Lori Eubanks    Chase Oaks Church TX

Minnesota women love Ellie Lofaro!  We have welcomed her ministry to our state several times, and our ladies go wild when they hear the Italian is coming!  With side-splitting humor, poignant stories and relevant, Christ-centered teaching, she is able to make Biblical truths come alive for the audience.  I so appreciate the heart for God and true ministry this woman has, and I recommend her wholeheartedly! 
Carol Lund    Bridging the Gap MN

It was such a delight and pleasure to have Ellie Lofaro. We received lots and lots of positive feedback. It was inspiring to meet a sister who loves Jesus as she does and who ministered in such powerful ways.  We look forward to the next time we can partner together.
Karol-Rae Rokala    GIFT Grand Rapids MN

What a wonderful weekend! Ellie has an honest and straightforward approach to ministry! I laughed, I cried, I laughed so hard that I cried…and most importantly, I drew in closer to God. What a weekend!
Katrina Jacobson    Grace Chapel MA

I am thrilled to be a part of this ministry and it's an extra perk getting to meet people like Ellie Lofaro.  We had an incredible day with her and the women will always remember it. EVERYONE was changed in some way---including me.
Kathy Pennau    Rural Women’s Retreat WI

Ellie grabbed our attention from the moment she took the platform!  She spoke truth in love and we embraced it whole-heartedly.  It amazed me how an Italian, New Yorker could impact us Texas gals in such a deep, life changing way. Many ladies asked us to bring her back next year.
Sandy Ericksen    Prince of Peace TX 

I think I could run for President of the "Ellie Lofaro Fan Club!"  What a time I've had, reveling in the presence of God as she speaks the truth with love and laughter.
LuAnne Crane    Producer, Focus on the Family Broadcasting CO

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