Warm Words from Trusted Teachers...

Listening to Ellie teach God's Word is an experience that one never forgets. She weaves the truths of Scripture with practical application and humor in a way that mesmerizes the mind and stirs the soul. Ellie is a gift to the body of Christ…prepare to be blessed.
Priscilla Shirer - Author and Speaker

Ellie Lofaro is a treat. Her ministry is so warm and inviting. I would recommend her anywhere.
Jan Silvious - Author and Speaker

Ellie Lofaro is flat out funny! She is a wonderful author and speaker with a dry wit and a winsome style that draws you in and lands a powerful punch. More importantly, Ellie has a vibrant relationship with the Lord and has dedicated her life to making His truths known. She cares deeply and speaks those truths in love.
Dr. James Dobson - Founder, Focus on the Family

Ellie Lofaro is a truth seeker as well as truth speaker. She is anchored, refreshing, colorful and real. I know her well and I recommend her highly. It is a privilege and joy to call her my friend.
Patsy Clairmont - Author and Speaker

Ellie will feed your passion for living more like Christ. She is a highly gifted communicator.
Josh McDowell - Founder, Josh McDowell Ministries

When Ellie Lofaro speaks, people listen.  Her high energy, biblical depth, authentic life, profound illustrations, and genuine heart for the needs of people make her one of today’s top speakers.  She combines excellent content with personal warmth on and off the platform.  I highly recommend her ministry!
Carol Kent - Author and Speaker, President of Speak Up Speaker Services

Ellie’s messages blessed the sox off all of us who had the privilege of hearing her. She is joyful and deeply anointed to preach the Good News...her wisdom is beyond her years!
Dolley Carlson - Author and Speaker

Ellie Lofaro is a vivacious and gifted Christian communicator. Patty and I consider her a friend.
Charles Colson - Founder, Prison Fellowship

God has truly blessed Ellie with a gift of sharing with others in a poignant and powerful way. She is a truly gifted communicator.
Susan Yates - Author and Speaker